As a thank you to the 600+ people who have joined us on the My Natural Baby Facebook business page during the last two and a half months I’m doing a giveaway! Six lucky page members will each win a pair of Huggalugs leghuggers and may choose one of the following designs:

Huggalugs - Rocketman

Huggalugs - Sport

Huggalugs - Susan

Huggalugs - Aussie

Huggalugs - Nordic Girl Stripe

Huggalugs - Dinosaur

Huggalugs - Joy

Huggalugs Maple Gem (bright red with white maple leaves

Huggalugs - Irene

And the lucky winners are:

* Juliet Van Der Heijden

* Susan Noble

* Brooke Litchfield Taylor

* Phllipa Wilson

* Braydee Boland

* Leanne Seymour

Congratulations! Please contact me via the Contact Us page on the My Natural Baby website so that I can arrange to get your chosen pair of Huggalugs leghuggers to you.

If you missed out this time don’t worry – we’ll be doing more giveaways over the coming months.

Thanks again for joining us over on the My Natural Baby Facebook page.

My Natural Baby