July 2011

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As a special thank you to the members of our Facebook page (800 of you now – yay!) we are offering eight of our products at super special pricing just for you.

There are only limited quantities of each product available at the super special prices though.  So  here’s how it will work.

  1. Check out what’s on offer at super special pricing in the Celebrating 800 Super Sale album on the My Natural Baby Facebook page
  2. Tag yourself in the image(s) of the item(s) you’d like to purchase at the super special pricing (shipping will be additional).
  3. Email your name and address to info @ mynaturalbaby dot co dot nz
  4. On Wednesday at 8pm lucky purchasers will be randomly chosen and you might be able to purchase one or all of the items you tagged yourself in depending on how the random draw goes.
  5. The lucky purchasers will be notified by email.
  6. Payments must be completed by Friday 15 July 2011

Thanks for supporting our business.



manduca® NewStyle: New design, more comfort and a small price adjustment

NewStyle Manduca baby and kids carrier

NewStyle Manduca in Navy

We are pleased to introduce the manduca NewStyle which will have the following new features:

  • The lining, hood and logo are now colour-coordinated to match the body of the carrier.
  • The well-established, universal pink logo will be replaced by a matching, embroidered version similar to the ones you know from the manduca LimitedEditions.
  • The range of standard colours will be extended by the introduction of NewStyle Navy (pictured above) – a classy dark blue.
  • The ‘natural’ manduca will be given a marvelous sand-coloured hue and hence be renamed ‘sand’.
  • All other standard colours remain unaltered.
NewStyle manduca in navy showing lining

NewStyle Navy manduca - showing matching lining

Besides that, all other visible changes in the NewStyle will be minimal. The main goal was to finally have the manduca’s high quality matched by similarly superb looks.

Of course, Wickelkinder GmbH are constantly improving the manduca’s function and comfort and so they couldn’t let pass this opportunity to make some changes:

  • The connection strap now has its buckle right in the middle, which allows for easier handling.
  • The stitching and shape of the shoulder straps are slightly altered for a maximum of comfort.
  • Just like with the Manduca LimitedEditions, the exterior back pocket will be dropped – with this Wickelkinder GmbH complies with their customers’ wishes as well as their decision to avoid any possible pressure to baby’s back. In any case, small and/or valuable items are easier to reach and safer when worn closer to the body (e.g. in a manduca front pouch).

However, quality comes at a price. Despite facing rising commodity costs Wickelkinder GmbH will not cut out sustainable organic fabrics or high-end materials. Thus we have been forced to make a small price adjustment to the price which will be $235.00 inc GST. Even so, the manduca remains the SSC with the best quality-price-ratio: Not only is the manduca organic by default, but (thanks to its all-in-one solution for NB – big kids) you won’t have to buy any costly extras for carrying your new babies.

This price adjustment only affects the NewStyle manduca’s; the LimitedEditions are not affected. Of course, the current manduca standard colours will be available at the old price – only while stocks last!

NewStyle black manduca

NewStyle Manduca in black

The first of the manduca NewStyle have already arrived in New Zealand last month with the arrival of Black (which sold out within a week!) and the gorgeous new Navy.  Olive and Chocolate are due to arrive this week. By August the NewStyle range will be completed with the arrival of Red, Turquoise, Sand and more Black.

The previous Manduca version is still available in Olive, Red and Turquoise at $230.00 – while stocks last!