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The following two surprise giveaways follow on from the Mother’s Day Random Act of Kindness giveaway we did where so many people nominated deserving Mums they know to go in the draw to win one of the new manduca LimitedEdition HighFive carriers.  All the nominees were very deserving and just one lucky Mum was drawn to receive that LE HighFive.

Two nominees stories stuck a chord as they are both living through extreme challenges with their children right now.  Both these nominees carry the responsibility of caring for children who have life-threatening diseases.  Being a Mum of such a child myself, my heart goes out to them. Our family have been blessed so much by the kindness of others since my 6yo son’s leukaemia diagnosis at the end of January this year, so these two surprise giveaways are what many would call ‘paying it forward’ I guess.  Continuing the chain of kindness and concern for others.

The two nominees are:

1. Harley Lass

Harley has a 2yo child with a condition called Immune Complement Deficiency which means her immunity is compromised. This means that activities that most people take for granted put Harley’s child at risk for serious illness.  Bacteria and viruses that, for someone with a fully functioning immune system, would cause mild illnesses, are life-threatening for someone with a compromised immune system – think hospital admissions, IV antibiotics, isolation and sometimes worse. My own child has suppressed immunity due to the chemotherapy that he is on so I know first hand how challenging and sometimes restricting it can be to keep an immunocompromised child safe.  Being able to have her daughter close in a manduca will help reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses.

2. Paula Baigent

Paula’s son Mostyn, a previously active two year old, was diagnosed in December 2012 with Anti N-methyl D Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis. Since diagnosis Mostyn has been inpatient at Starship Children’s Hospital while his parents do their best to juggle supporting him with the needs of their other three children (two older and one younger than Mostyn) in the family home in Whangarei. Having spent inpatient time with my son at Starship Hospital, and having met families there from out of town, I feel so lucky to have Starship right on our doorstep. It’s one of the many silver linings I’ve found since my son’s leukaemia diagnosis. I really feel for families from out of town and the extra stress of extended seperations from family members and familiar routines.  You can follow Mostyn’s story on his facebook page: Mostyn’s Journey.

Harley and Paula, please send me a message via the My Natural Baby Facebook page and I’ll arrange a NewStyle Manduca for each of you in your preferred colour – choose from black, chocolate, red, ocean, sand, olive or navy.

Best wishes to you both as you continue to battle for the health of your precious children. What you live through each day goes above and beyond what a mother and family should have to endure. Much love from our family to yours.

Helen xx