Storchenweige woven wrap Anna colourway

Storchenweige Woven Wrap - Anna

We are busy getting ready for this year’s Auckland Parent & Child Show which is scheduled to take place from Friday 30 September – Sunday 2 October 2011.  We are very pleased to have been granted a spot on the entertainment stage each day of the show to host a babywearing fashion show!  And we need some willing volunteers to model our brands of baby carriers – Manduca, Storchenweige and Kozy Carrier, and the pouch slings of our special guest Unido.  We will also be showing Huggalugs leg warmers – the perfect babywearing accessory from both a practical and fashion point of view.

Our babywearing fashion show will take place on the entertainment stage from 1.30pm – 2pm each day of the show.  Models will receive complimentary entry to the show.  If you are a babywearing Mum or Dad and interested in modelling in our babywearing fashion show please continue reading and email us with the following information:

  • Which show days are you available to model? (Preference will be given to those who are available for all three days of the show, but please do apply if only one or two days suit as we may need you! :0) )
  • Would you be happy to model with your child (rather than a doll)?  If so please state your child’s age.
  • Do you have experience using a Manduca, Storchenwiege woven wrap, Storchenwiege ring sling, Kozy Carrier or Unido Pouch Sling?  Do you own one of these carriers? Which colour/design do you have?
  • Which type of baby carrier from the brands above would you prefer to wear in our babywearing fashion show?
  • Do you have an older child who would enjoy modeling a kids sling in the babywearing fashion show?  If so please state their age.

In addition to your availability at the show, you will need to be available for two rehearsals, one the weekend before the show (venue, day and time to be confirmed) and one on Thursday 29 September on the entertainment stage at the ASB Show Grounds (time to be confirmed).

In addition to complimentary entry to the show models will each receive a pair of Huggalugs leg & arm warmers to keep – and more treats which are still to be confirmed.  The babywearing fashion show will be photographed each day and captured on video for marketing purposes. The organisers will do their best to match the chosen models with their preferred type of carrier but this may not always be possible

If you are interested in joining us please email your answers to the above questions, and a recent photo of yourself (babywearing or not ;0) to helen@ mynaturalbaby dot co dot nz

Thank you!


My Natural Baby Ltd

As a special thank you to the members of our Facebook page (800 of you now – yay!) we are offering eight of our products at super special pricing just for you.

There are only limited quantities of each product available at the super special prices though.  So  here’s how it will work.

  1. Check out what’s on offer at super special pricing in the Celebrating 800 Super Sale album on the My Natural Baby Facebook page
  2. Tag yourself in the image(s) of the item(s) you’d like to purchase at the super special pricing (shipping will be additional).
  3. Email your name and address to info @ mynaturalbaby dot co dot nz
  4. On Wednesday at 8pm lucky purchasers will be randomly chosen and you might be able to purchase one or all of the items you tagged yourself in depending on how the random draw goes.
  5. The lucky purchasers will be notified by email.
  6. Payments must be completed by Friday 15 July 2011

Thanks for supporting our business.


manduca® NewStyle: New design, more comfort and a small price adjustment

NewStyle Manduca baby and kids carrier

NewStyle Manduca in Navy

We are pleased to introduce the manduca NewStyle which will have the following new features:

  • The lining, hood and logo are now colour-coordinated to match the body of the carrier.
  • The well-established, universal pink logo will be replaced by a matching, embroidered version similar to the ones you know from the manduca LimitedEditions.
  • The range of standard colours will be extended by the introduction of NewStyle Navy (pictured above) – a classy dark blue.
  • The ‘natural’ manduca will be given a marvelous sand-coloured hue and hence be renamed ‘sand’.
  • All other standard colours remain unaltered.
NewStyle manduca in navy showing lining

NewStyle Navy manduca - showing matching lining

Besides that, all other visible changes in the NewStyle will be minimal. The main goal was to finally have the manduca’s high quality matched by similarly superb looks.

Of course, Wickelkinder GmbH are constantly improving the manduca’s function and comfort and so they couldn’t let pass this opportunity to make some changes:

  • The connection strap now has its buckle right in the middle, which allows for easier handling.
  • The stitching and shape of the shoulder straps are slightly altered for a maximum of comfort.
  • Just like with the Manduca LimitedEditions, the exterior back pocket will be dropped – with this Wickelkinder GmbH complies with their customers’ wishes as well as their decision to avoid any possible pressure to baby’s back. In any case, small and/or valuable items are easier to reach and safer when worn closer to the body (e.g. in a manduca front pouch).

However, quality comes at a price. Despite facing rising commodity costs Wickelkinder GmbH will not cut out sustainable organic fabrics or high-end materials. Thus we have been forced to make a small price adjustment to the price which will be $235.00 inc GST. Even so, the manduca remains the SSC with the best quality-price-ratio: Not only is the manduca organic by default, but (thanks to its all-in-one solution for NB – big kids) you won’t have to buy any costly extras for carrying your new babies.

This price adjustment only affects the NewStyle manduca’s; the LimitedEditions are not affected. Of course, the current manduca standard colours will be available at the old price – only while stocks last!

NewStyle black manduca

NewStyle Manduca in black

The first of the manduca NewStyle have already arrived in New Zealand last month with the arrival of Black (which sold out within a week!) and the gorgeous new Navy.  Olive and Chocolate are due to arrive this week. By August the NewStyle range will be completed with the arrival of Red, Turquoise, Sand and more Black.

The previous Manduca version is still available in Olive, Red and Turquoise at $230.00 – while stocks last!

Huggalugs Vintage legruffles

Huggalugs Vintage - lace trimmed legruffles

We are very pleased to introduce to New Zealand Huggalugs fans some gorgeous new styles and designs including the Huggalugs Vintage legruffles pictured above – available in three colours and trimmed with Venice lace. Also new are:

Cha Cha legruffles

Cha Cha legruffles by Huggalugs

Huggalugs Cha Cha legruffles - Littlest Dancer

Huggalugs lacettes – now available in Shell Pink!

Huggalugs Shell Pink Lacettes

Huggalugs Shell Pink Lacettes

and some gorgeous new Huggalugs leghuggers designs including Shabby Roses pictured below:

Huggalugs leghuggers - Shabby Roses

To view all the new designs just arrived check out this album on the Huggalugs New Zealand Facebook page.

To my fellow ‘Mums of boys’ – you’ll notice most of the new designs are for the girls. But never fear, more boy designs will be arriving in New Zealand in the next month or two ;0)

How can I win my favourite from the new designs that have just arrived?

Entering to win your favourite is easy. Just ‘Like’ the Huggalugs New Zealand Facebook page, and then tag yourself in your absolute favourite design in the album titled ‘Just Arrived in New Zealand’. Strictly one image only may be tagged – mutiple tags will disqualify you from the draw.

For an additional entry you may leave a comment here on our blog stating what your favourite design is.

Entries close at 9pm on Tuesday 31st may 2011 with the winner being announced here on the blog at 8pm Wednesday 1st June 2011.

Good luck to all who enter and I hope you love the new designs as much as I do!

My Natural Baby Ltd

Storchenwiege Ring Sling 'Louise Bio Turquoise'

I am very excited to soon be introducing to the New Zealand market the super comfy Storchenwiege ring sling. I have been trialling one in the Anna colourway for the last eight months and have been loving wearing my younger son in it. The fabric is nice and wide so easily spreads across my back to help distribute baby’s weight evenly. The weave of the fabric makes it really easy to get baby into a nice deep seated position with knees up and bum down – this is optimal positioning for baby’s spine and hips. The gathered shoulder allows the fabric to be spread nicely and this is very comfortable on my shoulder. The aluminium sling rings are large allowing the fabric to gather evenly and the fabric grips the rings very well which means no ‘slippage’ and no having to readjust the sling when wearing it. My older son sometimes likes to hold the tail as we walk along which helps to keep us all together when on a mission through a busy street or shopping mall. Below is an image of us earlier in the month. Not the best pic but you can see how the fabric holds my boy nice and snug, bum down, knees up, and the nice spread of fabric over my shoulder:

Storchenwiege ring sling in Anna colourway. The child being carried is 22 months old.

In preparation for placing our first order I have run a competition which has helped me decide which colourways to start with (but don’t worry if your favourite isn’t coming in this year – I will be working towards stocking all colourways during 2011) and one lucky person who tagged themselves in the image of their favourite colourway over on our Facebook page has won their favourite! I will be ordering in their sling especially with our first order of Storchenwiege ring slings.

And the lucky winner is . . . Jodz Clarke!! Congratulations Jodz. Please contact me via the Contact Us page on the My Natural Baby website. Jodz’ favourite is the Louise Bio Turquoise which is organic and pictured at the start of this post.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their favourite over on our facebook page. Look out for Storchenwiege ring slings on the My Natural Baby website very soon. Their arrival will be announced on the My Natural Baby Facebook page.

If you are interested in more information about Storchenwiege ring slings, here’s some extra info from the Storchenwiege website:

Practical and simple to put on: The Storchenwiege® RingSling, made of the proven Storchenwiege® sling material, can be worn in one size by different wearers.

Using the Storchenwiege® RingSling, you can:

  • * carry your child on your hip, tummy to tummy and on your back.
    * carry your child easily and quickly, but still have both hands free for her brothers or sisters or jobs you need to do.
    * easily manage barriers such as stairs, getting on the bus or train, or rough or irregular paths.
    * give your toddler a rest when she is just learning to walk and cannot yet manage long distances.

  • What makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling so special?

  • * The Storchenwiege® RingSling comes with detailed instructions on how to wear it and a washing bag to protect your washing machine and the Storchenwiege® RingSling aluminium rings.
    * The Storchenwiege® RingSling is made of 100% cotton; the special Storchenwiege® fabric stands out for its extremely good diagonal elasticity. The Storchenwiege® RingSling thus supports the child firmly and envelops her body like a firm bandage. This guarantees a safe, comfortable feeling when wearing it.
    * The fabric of the Storchenwiege® RingSling is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for babies. In this way, you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe for your child´s health.
    * The use of large, high-quality aluminium rings makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling comfortable to wear, allowing its folds to be arranged neatly in the rings and thus over the shoulder. The Storchenwiege® RingSling also has different-coloured edges, making it considerably easier to put on, and especially to pull tight.

  • How to care for your Storchenwiege® RingSling properly:

    The Storchenwiege® RingSling can be washed at up to 60°C. Please use the enclosed washing bag to protect your washing machine and the aluminium rings.

    My Natural Baby

    We are very excited about the launch of our new business next month!  Spring is about new beginnings so what an opportune time for our launch.

    My Natural Baby is getting set to bring you quality, comfortable and safe products in support of natural parenting, keeping babies and caregivers happy.

    We are looking forward to announcing our very first blog giveaway here on 1 September 2010.  We will be offering giveaways and special offers throughout September to celebrate our launch.  You are welcome to sign up to receive email notifications of my updates here to ensure you don’t miss out. A sign up form is in the side bar on the right.

    Looking forward to sharing more with you.

    My Natural Baby