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I am very pleased to bring you another stockist feature. We’ll be featuring our fabulous stockists regularly here and we hope you enjoy learning more about them and their businesses.

Introducing Scamps Eco Boutique. If you haven’t heard of Scamps before their specialty is green products that love our earth and their range includes quality nursery furniture, reusable cloth nappies, beeswax crayons, hypoallergenic bath products and more. Scamps Eco Boutique is also a stockist of the Manduca soft-structured baby and kids carrier.

Read on as Louise Deed shares about her business:

Please share a bit about you and your family.

I’m married with two girls aged (almost) 5 and 2. Baby Deed #3 is due end of June so I imagine life will get even more hectic with three kids (well four if you count the husband!). I’m a Canterbury girl at heart but we made the move back North a couple of years ago for Glenn’s job so now we call Waiuku home. Life in the Deed household can be insanely busy at times but I love it and enjoy the challenge it presents.

Scamps Eco Boutique owner Louise with her family

When did you start Scamps Boutique and why?

During my first pregnancy I was trying to find eco friendly baby products and they just weren’t readily available in New Zealand. To change that I started to set up my home based business, Scamps Boutique. I officially opened our website at the beginning of 2007 when my eldest was a newborn. I haven’t looked back since! We have just celebrated four years in business and look forward to many more.

What do you like best about running your own business?

Everything! I love being able to work from home while still being able to care for my kids. It is a constant juggling act but that is part of the thrill of being a work from home mum. I must admit being my own boss has always been appealing and I am very lucky I have been able to make that dream come true.

What do you find most challenging about running your own business?

Finding the right balance between family/work and housework is definitely one of the most challenging factors about working from home. Some days I find it hard to stop working at 2.30pm and find myself responding to emails or on facebook when the kids are watching cartoons after preschool. I try to keep my nights free so I can spend some time alone with my husband but that doesn’t always happen.

What is your favourite product that you stock?

All of them! I don’t really have an overall favourite but I do have to say I am proud to be the exclusive NZ retailer for the Cushie Tushies cloth nappies.

Cushie Tushies Couture - Jungle Fever

One new brand that I have recently added to our range is the Flexi Bath. What I really like about this product is not only is it PVC and phthalates free, it has a non-slip bottom and surface, making it safe, comfortable and environmentally responsible. The FlexiBath folds easily together and is stored flat against the wall, in a cupboard, under a bed etc.


What is your best selling product?

The Grovia cloth nappies are definitely my overall top selling product. I have noticed that customers buying habits change from month to month so what is popular this month isn’t always as popular next month.

GroVia modern cloth nappies

Onesie Bummsies bodysuit extenders are one of my most popular products, customers love them!

Onesie Bummsie Bodysuit extenders 3-pack in mint


To celebrate their fourth birthday, Louise is running a ‘green babies and bumps’ photo competition with $1,000 in fantastic prizes up for grabs, including an Olive Manduca baby and child carrier. For more information about the competition and to find out how to enter click here! Entries close on 30 April 2011.

Thank you Louise for sharing about your business. We are pleased to have you in the My Natural Baby family!

My Natural Baby


We are very pleased to bring you our first stockist feature. We’ll be featuring our fabulous stockists regularly here and we hope you enjoy learning more about them and their businesses.

Our first feature stockist is Jungle Mama. I first became aware of this natural parenting business back in 2007 when I participated in the Cloth Nappy Hunt in August of that year. I was very lucky to win one of the grand prizes, and included in the prize pack was one of the cooperative games that Jungle Mama stocks. Jungle Mama carries a great range of products in support of natural parenting including the Manduca soft-structured baby carrier.

Read on as Liz Neill shares about her business:

Please share a bit about you and your family.

My partner and I have 4 children, aged 21, 16, 10 and 7. We lived in Auckland until moving to Lower Hutt in 1998 to be closer to my partner’s extended family, unfortunately taking us away from my parents, but we see them often. Our children have spent their preschool years at Playcentre and attend the local Steiner school. I am still involved with Playcentre myself as a session supervisor, workshop tutor and SPACE facilitator.

When did you start Jungle Mama and why?

Jungle Mama was started just on 5 years ago now. A friend was pregnant with her first child and I was sending her links to wonderful items from all around the world. I emailed several companies and asked whether they had NZ distributors so she could get items locally. Two of the companies came back to me and said ‘We’d love you to be a NZ distributor!’ Not quite what I was expecting, but we discussed it at home, the timing was right and Jungle Mama was born. We were the first in New Zealand to carry the ERGO Baby Carrier range as well as the DivaCup and Infant Potties. That precious friend of ours has just had her third child, and all those lucky babies have been worn in baby carriers and pottied from birth etc. It is wonderful to have been a part of that journey with them.

What do you like best about running your own business?

I love the flexibility of running a business around my other commitments and the needs of a busy family, but my favourite thing about running Jungle Mama is enabling parents and babies to make strong connections with each other. Supplying environmentally friendly products for babywearing, infant pottying and more, as well as sharing information and support is the integral part of the empowerment I love to see in families.

What is your favourite product that you stock?

One of the most interesting products we stock is the DivaCup, a reusable menstrual solution. I like to mention that one, as it’s the product people are least likely to ask about perhaps. The DivaCup is worn internally (and can’t be felt when positioned correctly) and works by catching the menstrual flow. The cup is then removed, emptied, rinsed and reused over the course of each cycle and for many years.

Diva Cup available from Jungle Mama

For the growing family we carry a selection of the Family Pastimes Cooperative Board games. These games are great for fostering teamwork and problem solving, as all players work together against the game itself.

Co-operative game 'Kakapo Rescue'

We also have copies of the UK publication, The Mother Magazine.

But my favourite are the little potties for Elimination Communication. So cute for tiny bottoms, and so simple to use as they are held between the adults thighs to potty a tiny baby in arms, can be used from newborn through to toddler, when the infant is nursing, or sitting upright with their back against your belly. It’s great to have two, one at home, and one in the car or to take out with you.

What is your best selling product?

The sales patterns of the different product goes in phases which I find fascinating. For the first half of 2010, with them being so new to the NZ market the Manduca carrier has been my best seller, but before that it was more likely to be clusters of the infant potties or DivaCup.

Thank you Liz for sharing about your business. We are pleased to have you in the My Natural Baby family!

My Natural Baby