manduca limited edition baby carrier

Back in June was National Volunteer Week. I had meant to have this giveaway up during that week, but family commitments took priority in the end, and so I’m playing catch up now. I can’t dangle a carrot and then not follow through! And there are some wonderful volunteers I’d like you to help me acknowledge.

Throughout New Zealand there are babywearing groups, managed by teams of volunteers who are also experienced at carrying their babies, toddlers and sometimes older children in a variety of baby carriers and slings. I invite you to join me in a ‘group pat on the back’ for our babywearing group volunteers who do a fine job of passing on their skills, encouraging parents and providing places of friendship and support.  If you have received help from your local babywearing group I’d love to hear about it. So here is how this giveaway is going to go:

One lucky giveaway participant is going to win the Manduca LimitedEdition HighFive of their choice from the two colours pictured above – royal or lime.  The manduca LimitedEdition carriers are made from 100% organic cotton, are suitable for children from 3.5kg – 20kg and can be used for front, hip and back carries. To enter, all you need to do is to share your experience on our Facebook page between Thursday 8 August and Wednesday 14 August, by leaving a comment under the relevant question posted there, and tagging your local babywearing group’s facebook page. Tagging their page will help raise awareness of the groups to our other facebook page members, and it will also allow your local babywearing group volunteers to easily read your experiences and feedback, and hopefully give them some warm fuzzies.

The post to look for on our facebook page from 9am tomorrow (Thursday 8th August) is:

“Have you received positive babywearing help and support from your local babywearing group? Please share your experience and tag your local babywearing group’s facebook page in your comment to give the group volunteers a virtual pat on the back!”

A winner will be selected randomly and announced here on our blog on Saturday 17th August 2013.

Your local babywearing group that you tagged in your facebook comment will then be contacted by me and invited to select a baby carrier from our range to be added to their group sling library! They may choose a carrier from one of the following ranges: manduca, Storchenwiege, Kozy Carrier and je porte mon bebe.

Good luck and thanks for joining in the ‘group pat on the back’ for our babywearing group volunteers.

Helen xx


Je porte mon bebe JPMBB

Thank you to everyone who entered our JPMBB giveaway over the last week!  For those of you who missed it, entrants were required to email their answer to the following question:

Why is the JPMBB wrap suitable for back carries when other stretchy wraps are not?

The key points needed in the answers was that the JPMBB is made with purpose woven fabric which does not sag, and also that the JPMBB is much wider than standard stretchy wraps (the purpose-woven fabric can go from behind your child’s knees & under their bottom, right up over their shoulders which keeps them safe and secure on your back).  You can learn more about this on the je porte mon bebe page on our website.  How-to videos have been added to the My Natural Baby website too so check them out – je porte mon bebe insructional videos.

Now onto our winner! The entries with correct answers were collated and our winner was drawn randomly.  Congratulations to:

Bella Munro

In her blog comment Bella had chosen a JPMBB in Grey-Green with a Pistachio Pocket like the one pictured above.  Congratulations Bella! I know you will love your JPMBB.

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway.  JPMBB wraps are available in New Zealand from My Natural Baby and selected stockists. Wholesale enquiries are welcome.